The Wire Group
Creating New Perspectives

The Wire Group was formed in 2006 by the Singapore based Jumabhoy family. The Jumabhoy family has built a formidable reputation for almost a century in contributing to some of Singapore's key developments. The family has the proud lineage of setting up Scotts Holding Pte. Ltd., which created Scotts Shopping Center, the country's first managed mall and The Ascott, Singapore's first branded service residences, which is now the world's largest.

The group is now geared to deliver institutional grade real estate to India, with their unique combination of skills, expertise and resources that transcend geographies. For The Wire Group, the vision is to look at real estate development with a fresh perspective in India. The aim is to create truly world-class working and living environments - combining the best applicable international design and construction management standards with local delivery capability, thus ushering in a new era for real estate.




WIRE Quality Policy  would be to realize our Vision and Mission by seamlessly deploying Quality Management Principles across our activities and processes.


WIRE Vision

WIRE’s vision is to be the industry leader in Asian property development and real estate fund management, setting market benchmarks of quality and being the preferred choice for property products in the eyes of its customers


WIRE Mission

WIRE is intent on creating tangible value for all stakeholders, be they investors, shareholders, customers, business partners or employees through industry leadership and the superior delivery of our objectives, projects and products.


WIRE Values

Performance - We believe in setting high standards and strive to exceed them. We recognize and reward superior results.

Excellence - We search for excellence in everything we do and believe in new ideas and creative solutions for continuous improvement.

People - We value teamwork and work together in pursuit of our Vision. We seek to create a learning organization where employees respect each other, are motivated, have fun and have the opportunity for personal development.

Customers - We listen to customers and strive to optimize external and internal customer satisfaction through providing products and services of high quality and value.

Integrity - We demand openness and honesty in everything we do. We believe that every activity must be able to pass the test of public and internal scrutiny at all times.


WIRE Strategy

Deploy resource to build industry leadership in our property development and fund management activities.

Increase our expertise as an investor to provide superior returns to those who entrust us with their capital, thereby attaining blue-chip status.

Extend our presence in the property business, through the addition of products and activities to deliver value to the marketplace, always being mindful of market realities.

Grow our fund management business by adding investment products in the property arena, taking advantage of our core development business.

Build and nurture a reputation for quality and on-time, on-budget project delivery to create a legacy of superior living and working environments.

Ensure that we strive to achieve ecological sustainability, in order to positively affect the lives of those around us.

Through this strategy, WIRE will build a solid platform for profitable growth and achieve our goal of being a “Leading Asian Property Development and Investment Group”